We love the history of the different stadiums and writing all about them.  Bringing you the information on the various high profile and low profile stadiums all through history.  How civilizations treat games and sport tell us a great deal about that group of people as a whole.  For example, we can see from the huge monumental sized arenas constructed in the Roman and Greek empires that both placed a large emphasis on creating large spectacles for the amusement of both their gods and their rulers.  This deep look into the history of the peoples that built these great stadiums provides fascinating insight into the past.

From the Greek word “stadion”, a stadium is a place or venue for outdoor sports that consists of a field surrounded by a tiered structure design to allow audience to stand or sit while viewing the game. This is a large structure that consists of many rows of seats where sometimes other public events happened. It is also called a sports arena that is usually in an oval shaped or sometimes a horseshoe-shaped.

In ancient time, the very first Olympic Games were held in 1896 at Athens, Greece and it is called the “Panathenaic Stadium”. There is also a stadium of Ancient Olympia, a holy place for the ancient Greeks, where all the sports activities were held in dedication to the god Zeus.

In this website, we are going to talked about different stadium around the world that brings history in the sports industry. We hope that the information here will bring knowledge about the stadiums around the world.